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What is the difference between Priority and First Class?

Priority includes international tracking numbers and lost mail/package insurance, and is usually a little more expensive.

First Class only has a tracking number within the US and has no insurance on lost or stolen mail/packages. This option is usually the cheapest option.


Why is it taking so long for my items to ship?

We ship all items out within 1-2 days depending on when you've placed your order. If you are in California, the estimated shipping calculator at checkout will indicate the shipping time as 1-2 days due to the fact that most same state orders should only take a couple of days from the time it is shipped. This does not mean it's 1 or 2-day shipping. Your order will need to be processed and scanned by USPS before the tracking number is active. Once your tracking number is active, the estimated shipping time is now in affect. 


Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship all over the world. Make sure you enter the correct address as this will ensure that you will receive your mail/packages.


How much is it to ship to my country?
Once you run through the checkout system, enter your address and continue to the next page. It will show you the shipping cost based on your address before you enter payment. Typically international orders are anywhere from $5 - $40 depending on your shipping option and location.


Who is responsible for VAT/Custom fees?
All international orders will be your responsibility as far as VAT / Customs fees. Not all mail/packages will have to go through this process and there is no way to tell which ones will be held up at customs. 


My tracking number shows it's still in transit after a long time
If you checked out with First Class Mail/Package, the tracking number provided will only track orders within the US. International orders will show that the package is still in transit along with the last scanned location in the US. You will need to call your local post office and give them the tracking number and see if they can track it.


I think my package is lost. What do I do?
If you think your package is lost and your local post office has no information about your package, you can contact us at If you checked out with First Class Mail/Package, there is no insurance on your package. If you checked out with Priority Mail/Package, your package is insured and we will handle it immediately on our end.


My package says "Delivered" but it's missing.

  • USPS delivery vans have GPS that sometimes automatically updates a shipment as "delivered" prematurely. Wait another business day because the package was most likely marked as delivered accidentally, and will arrive the following day
  • Contact your local post office. Make sure to call your LOCAL OFFICE, and NOT the USPS HOTLINE (this can take a lot of time, and they only tell you what the tracking already says). Ask them who delivered the parcel, and ask them details about that day's delivery. They are used to these types of questions, and can usually provide helpful information